November 20, 2012

The Origins of "Black Friday"

The National Retail Federation (NRF) says up to 147 million people plan to shop this Black Friday weekend, a slight decrease from the 152 million who […]
November 15, 2012

Student Savvy: Study Up on ID Theft

Young adults are among the most likely targets of this crime. More reports of identity theft collected by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission were lodged by […]
November 13, 2012

As Some Skimp, The Rich Will Splurge This Holiday Season

Scrooge-like spending patterns for the holidays appear to be a thing of the past for wealthy Americans, who are preparing to open their wallets this year […]
November 8, 2012

6 Facts About Stellar Credit Scores

With the average FICO credit score estimated at 690 (the highest possible score is 850), chances are most Americans wouldn’t mind some advice on how to improve.  […]
November 6, 2012

What the Election Means to Your Business

It’s that special season that comes every four years when policy is in the air, political pundits are on the move, and campaign messages are penetrating […]
November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Economic Impact & Helping Hands

Hurricane Sandy has already prompted huge swaths of the East Coast to shut down – an area with a daily GDP of about $10 billion, according […]
October 29, 2012

Tips for Riding Out Hurricane Sandy

For those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, the wind, rain, floods and potential blackouts are on the way.  If you are sheltered in place with adequate food, […]
October 24, 2012

Hauntingly Helpful Halloween Hints

Do you find that the most frightening part of Halloween is paying too much for all the fun stuff you need to celebrate?  Just three weeks […]
October 23, 2012

Election 2012: Don’t Wait on Washington to Fix Your Finances

A presidential election is coming up soon – maybe you’ve heard? And it’s not just Obama and Romney who’ve pinned their hopes to the outcome on Election […]